Will Writing & Estate Planning Services

Available either as a Single Will or as Mirror Wills. All Wills are written and verified by a member of National Will Writers. Each Will is protected by Professional Liability Insurance up to the value of £2 million so you can rest assured that your beneficiaries won't lose out.

There are many different types of trusts to offer various solutions. Trusts can offer additional security and guarantees to protecting your estate and wishes. From Discretionary trusts and Absolute trusts to Inter Vivos trusts and Testamentary trusts, the list goes on. Please click on the trusts button to find out more.

Nobody wants to pay Inheritance Tax on their estate, at a rate of 40% it can significantly reduce what your loved ones inherit. It can also cause financial problems for your loved ones if they don't have the money to pay the tax upfront as all debt & taxes need to be paid prior to probate being granted.
Worried about what happens to your estate if you end up in care? With people living longer these days, more and more are requiring some form of care at some point. Which is why its so important to make provisions whilst you are still able to.
If you care about what happens to your estate after you die, you should care more about it whilst you're still alive! Without adequate provisions in place your finances & health may be in the hands of someone you don't know. A lasting power of attorney will make sure someone you choose who looks after you and your finances when you cannot.
There is no point spending the time trying to protect your family & estate to then not protect the document protecting them. With our secure storage option, not only are the wills stored safely, but also any other documents you have us write at the same time, for example a Power of Attorney. Each Will is verified to make sure signed & witnessed correctly before being placed into storage. The Will is registered on a national database because the last thing you want is for your family not to be able to find the will and then having to go down the Rules of Intestacy route.