Secure Storage

Secure Storage



There is no point spending the time trying to protect your family & estate to then not protect the document protecting them.

With our secure storage option, not only are the wills stored safely, but also any other documents you have us write at the same time, for example a Power of Attorney.

If you keep the Will in your home or at someone else's it could become damaged without you knowing and invalidated meaning that it will be discarded and the Rules of Intestacy come into force. If you keep it at home and there is a fire then even with a fire proof safe it won't last long as they often only offer an hour of protection. Another issue with not storing your Will with a professional is that a relative may not like what's written in the Will and simply destroy it. What's more if your Will can't be found because your relatives couldn't remember where you kept it, it could cause long delays and again the Rules of Intestacy will be applied.

Free Amendments

You can also get free amendments to your Will so that you needn't worry about the cost of re-writing your will if your circumstances or wishes change.


Each Will is verified to make sure signed & witnessed correctly before being placed into storage.


The Will is registered on the national Will database because the last thing you want is for your family not to be able to find the will and then having to go down the Rules of Intestacy route.