Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death.


If you die without a valid Will, you have died “intestate” and your Estate shall be distributed in accordance with the Law of Intestacy. This means that the Government dictates who will benefit from your Estate, as well as what and how much they are entitled to.


Even if you do not own anything you deem to be valuable, it is a good idea to appoint Executors, appoint Guardians for your children, and/or record your funeral wishes, at the very least.

This is exactly why so many people don’t bother to get a Will, but unfortunately this is wrong. Not only is this wrong but you are creating problems for your loved ones at a time when they need things to be simple and quick to deal with so they can grieve.

You could – just like you could mend the brakes on your car yourself, or build an extension on your home .


Most people want a professional to write their Will simply for peace of mind that it has been written correctly, others because they understand that without the correct advice their Will may not do what they want it to do.


Making a Will sounds simple, but we guarantee that once you have discussed your wishes with one of our professional consultants, there will be something you hadn’t thought of.

An online or postal Will is the same as a DIY Will – it doesn’t go into any detail, doesn’t discuss your wishes, and certainly doesn’t give you any advice. Its the same as getting a Will pack and doing it yourself, but instead of writing it on paper, you fill it in online.


A recent study showed that 40% of all DIY Wills would fail.


Ask yourself how important your loved ones and assets are to you, then decide if you are willing to take the risk of your Will being declared invalid and your assets going to someone else.


We see so many people waste their money on DIY Wills, only to later realise that they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. It really is a false economy.

No, Mirror Wills are two Wills that mirror each other’s wishes.


If you are a couple that have different wishes, you shall need two Single Wills.