How much does it cost to call your 0333 number?

A lot of companies choose to make money out of you when you call them by using numbers that charge you more than a standard rate and can't be used as part of your free calls bundle, or they provide an 0800 number thats good for landlines but very expensive for mobile users. With our 0333 number its standard charges so that means if you get free calls as part of your package on either a landline or mobile then this number is free to call!

Is a Mirror Will a Joint Will?

No, mirror wills are 2 wills that simply mirror each others wishes. If you are a couple that have different wishes, you will need to have 2 single wills.

Why do i need to write a Will?

Don't assume your assets will automatically go to the right people, without a will the rules of intestacy will apply. This could mean your assets end up in the wrong hands, but also generally takes so much longer to get probate granted in order to sort out your estate. Even if you don't own anything, it's a good idea to record your funeral wishes at the very least.

Can’t i just write a Will myself?

You could, just like you could mend the brakes on your car yourself, or build an extension on your home . Most people want a professional to write their will simply for the peace of mind it's done correctly, others because they understand that without the correct advice the Will may not do what you want it to do. Making a will sounds simple, but i guarantee that when you have discussed your wishes with one of our professional consultants, there will be something you hadn't thought of.

Why can’t I just get a Will online?

An online or postal Will is the same as a DIY Will, it doesn't go into any detail, doesn't discuss your wishes and certainly doesn't give you any advice. Its the same as getting a Will pack and doing it yourself, but instead of writing it on paper, you fill it in online. Did you know that a recent study showed that 40% of these Wills would fail! Just ask yourself how important your family & assets are to you, then decide if you are willing to take the risk that your Will is declared invalid and your assets go to someone else. We see so many people waste their money on these, only to realise later that they are not worth the paper they are written on, it really is a false economy.

Can you update my existing Will?

Yes, we can either add a document called a codicil to your existing Will to make an amendment or re-write your Will to reflect your current wishes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Everything will go to my partner/children anyway so i don’t need a will do i?

That's exactly why so many people don't bother to get a will, but unfortunately they are wrong. Not only are they wrong but they are creating problems for their loved ones at a time when they need things to be simple and quick to deal with so they can grieve. The rules of Intestacy are a one shoe fits all Will, and just like DIY/Online/Postal Wills, you're family won't find out until you are dead, and then it's too late to do anything about it.