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Consultations are offered to discuss your wishes in the comfort of your own home. We will listen to what you want to achieve, then give you the correct advice and answer any questions you may have.

We specialise in writing Wills and giving advice on estate planning as well as covering other issues regarding protecting your family and assets or anything else that's important to you. We can offer advice from the simplest to the most complicated of matters and ensure that your wishes are followed. From a basic Will to complicated Trusts and Inheritance Tax Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney to Funeral Plans.  

We are also very proud to support 'Remember a Charity in Your Will' by creating awareness of charities and asking customers to support charities by leaving a gift to them in their Wills.

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Reasons not to buy an online or DIY Will

There are many companies now offering online or DIY Wills. They generally require you to fill in the forms yourself, answering a series of questions at the end of which you get a Will. Sounds easy doesn't it? And it is, so what's the problem with these Wills? 

Well, a recent study showed that 40% of these Wills would fail meaning the rules of intestacy would be used instead. Of course because these types of Will are relatively new in the marketplace many people will be completely unaware that their Will is invalid. It's a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. These type of Wills are essentially for people who have nothing to leave anyone, and just wish for their funeral wishes to be recorded or to name who looks after their pets. Not only that but in the terms and conditions these companies are not liable for any mistakes or if the Will doesn't meet your wishes. This means your family will have no comebacks when it all goes wrong and of course you can't change it once you have died.

The biggest issue is if someone contests the Will, there will be arguments about who actually wrote the Will and if it was the person in question then it could be argued that they were not of sound mind at the time or under pressure. The witness signatures aren't always enough which is why using a professional in the first place to write your Will who will do what's necessary to avoid these arguments, is a much safer option.

At Carter Westwood we take pride in offering a professional service and giving the correct advice, this includes discussing your needs and wishes in full and making sure you understand how everything works. Our Wills are covered up to £2 million so that your family don't lose out if the Will doesn't do what it is supposed to do according to your wishes. We will discuss your wishes and answer your questions, and you will end up with a fully legally binding Will.

If you want to protect your family and assets properly then do the right thing and get the right advice.

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