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Do you want to choose who will benefit from your Estate, as well as what and how much they are entitled to? Or do you want the Laws of Intestacy to decide? Wills can be written as Single Wills (£99) or Mirror Wills (£149). All of our Wills are written and verified by a member of National Will Writers. Each Will we write is protected by Professional Liability Insurance up to the value of £2 million, so you can rest assured that your beneficiaries won’t lose out.


Do you want to safeguard your assets and the future of those you care about the most? If you don’t, they could be at risk. Trusts can offer additional security and guarantees to protecting your estate and wishes. From Flexible Children’s Trusts to Wealth Management Trusts, we offer a variety of different Trusts to meet your needs and offer various solutions.

Power Of Attorney

In the event that you became incapacitated, who would you want to look after your health, welfare, property, and financial affairs? Your family and friends, or the Local Authority? If you care about what happens to your Estate after you die, you should care equally – if not more – about it whilst you’re still alive! A Lasting Power of Attorney will ensure the people of your choice are able to look after you and your Estate when you cannot. Our professionals can complete both types of Lasting Power of Attorney for you: 1. Health and Welfare. 2. Property and Financial Affairs.


Do you want your Executors to have to fulfill complex, time-consuming, and often overwhelming duties at what will already be an emotional and stressful time? Your Executors are personally liable for any mistakes they make during the administration of your Estate. From unpaid tax and missed debts, to incorrect distributions – HMRC, organisations, companies, and your beneficiaries shall expect full payment of monies owed from your Executors. We can provide advice and support on all aspects of Estate Administration.

Lifetime Secure Storage

Why spend the time, energy, and money making provisions to protect your loved ones and your Estate, to then not protect the documents protecting them? From Wills and Trusts, to Lasting Power of Attorney, we offer lifetime secure storage of all documents written by us. We ensure and verify that all documents have been signed, dated, and witnessed correctly before placing them into secure (climate controlled and fireproof) storage with a renowned, national Trust Corporation. Wills are also registered on a national database to ensure they can always be found.

Funeral Plans

Funeral costs are rising higher than annual UK inflation, with the cost of cremation rising by 4.2%, and the cost of burial rising by 3.7% each year. Do you want to protect your Estate and your loved ones from these rising costs, and secure your ideal funeral at today’s costs? Do you want to have control over the formalities of your funeral service? We offer a variety of different funeral plans and payment options to suit your needs.

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